Simulation and calculation of combustions

With the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) method, combustions can be simulated and optimized on the computer. This allows costs in development to be significantly reduced and innovations to be brought to market even faster.

In the case of large systems, modifications to the boiler, combustion chamber, and exhaust system can first be simulated on the computer and their benefits verified before cost-intensive modifications are made.

In combustion, the mixing of the combustion gas with the air plays a decisive role. Complete combustion can minimize unwanted by-products such as CO and particulate matter. In addition, the temperature distribution can be analyzed and thus the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to a minimum, resulting in higher plant efficiency.

In addition to the exhaust gases, soot deposits can be identified and minimized in advance. This helps to avoid deposits in places that are difficult to clean.

Here we try together with the manufacturer, with CFD simulations, to find an optimum!

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