Fittings and sealing technology

Decades of experience in the field of valve technology have enabled our engineers to acquire expertise in the areas of bolts and sealings. Our focus is on the calculation, design and simulation of the challenge. For this purpose, we have state-of-the-art software tools at our disposal.


  • Analysis of tightening curves (tightening and loosening curves)
  • Analytical determination of tightening parameters and bolting curves - also with the help of FEM
  • Dynamic determination of bolt force
  • Settling force determination from measurements, by loosening or further turning
  • Selection of an optimum tightening method (torque, angle, yield strength)

Sealing engineering

FEM analysis of a steel sealing edge

  • Specialized in "hard" seals
  • Design of a sealing point without sealing element
  • Determination of the required sealing force
  • Calculation and analysis of pressure distributions in the sealing area
  • Determination of a critical leakage path
  • Analysis of the sealing
  • Determination of the leak tightness limit under specified general conditions
  • Optimization of the sealing geometry
  • Determination of the tightness pressure

We offer qualified, individual and free consulting during the entire project including detailed explanation and interpretation of the results. Because we care about your success, we always go one step further and sometimes solve problems you didn't even know existed.

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