Valve for agricultural sprayers

Crop protection products improve crop yields. However, the time has come to put an end to the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers. Camera systems, satellite images and Eberhart valve technology make it possible.

While human population is growing, agricultural land per capita is declining worldwide. In order to be able to feed the world's population in 2050, farmers will have to produce around 1.5 times more crops.

Protecting the environment and plants - preserving profitability

Reducing the use of herbicides increases the quality of crops and supports biodiversity.

Since 1989, the biomass of flying insects has decreased by over 75%. Both, over-fertilization and the use of pesticides have a negative impact on biodiversity, which is essential for the survival of insects. For Eberhart, it is therefore important to drastically reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers while still ensuring food security.

The completely new, fast-switching solenoid valve enables a reduction in herbicides of up to 70% compared to conventional methods. In addition, liquid fertilizer can be precisely controlled, preventing over-fertilization of the soil.


You can find the technical details of the valve in the data sheet:

Valve technology

After more than 20 years of development experience in various areas of fast switching gastric valves, we are convinced that we can provide you with a suitable solution.

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